Grilled Chicken businesses

I think grilled chicken still has a chance because this is one of the favorite foods of Indonesia. To open a business in the street that you should notice is to give the cart a range of 2 to 3 million, frying equipment, gas and some other small cookware worth hundreds of thousands. You can start a at a cost of less than 5 million, although more secure when you have a cash reserve.

Grilled Chicken businesses
In addition to chicken salad seasoning, culinary made from raw chicken is popular in the grilled chicken. Culinary favorites are usually made of a medium-sized chicken. It is used to flavor chicken spices including garlic, onion, cayenne pepper, red pepper, coriander, pepper, turmeric, and salt. So that all the flavors mingle, which is spiced chicken usually Dunkirk-steamed in a sealed container. The chickens will be processed if there is an order that can be served hot. Normally, grilled chicken served with white rice or rice uduk, chili, and fresh vegetables, which consists of cucumber, basil, lettuce, and cabbage. Grilled chicken can be sold whole or cut - cut to taste the buyer.

Business Description Grilled Chicken

Raw Materials
Given that the process of making grilled chicken little tricky and time consuming, many people ultimately prefer to buy rather than make their own. Situations like this are a great opportunity for businesses grilled chicken.
Grilled chicken itself consists of several types, including butter roasted chicken, grilled chicken taliwang, rica-rica grilled chicken, and grilled chicken Paniki. However, the prima donna of all kinds of barbecued chicken is grilled chicken sukabumi. Not be surprised if more and more culinary efforts, particularly pavement caf├ęs, which offer grilled chicken sukabumi as their mainstay menu. Due to competition in this business is quite tight, grilled chicken made you must have a characteristic, both in terms of flavor and sauces, in order to compete.

Business Location
Before opening a business, make sure that your place of business around there will not be too many competitors that offer the same menu. This is to prevent unfair competition as customers scramble. Grilled chicken culinary business opportunity you will be very large if the business is set up in a crowded area, such as on the motorway or near the shopping center.

Business Supplies
Some business equipment that you must have to open a business is a grilled chicken leg five carts or storefronts, toaster, hand fan or a fan, and pans. Cutlery and tables and chairs can be provided by you, even if usually grilled chicken buyers would prefer to eat at home, especially those who buy whole chickens talent - from one chicken. Here is a list of approximate prices of some of the equipment needed
Equipment price

The labor is enough to run this business. However, when crowded, such as on weekends, you can just increase the amount of labor in anticipation of the growing number of buyers. The additional workers can pay daily wages range Rp 50,000 - Rp 100,000, while for permanent workers, you can hired him Rp 700,000 - Rp 800,000 per month.

Sell ​​the "hallmark" of this business is one of the most effective forms of promotion. The hallmark is hanging some grilled chicken whole in the window so that it can be seen by all who pass by. Chicken hanger-watering can invite people - people who initially just passing to finally buy your barbecued chicken. Banners are easily legible and conspicuous to be a very useful means of promotion. Also, do not underestimate the aroma that comes from the process of burning the chicken. Fragrance-watering grilled chicken can make people buy the grilled chicken.

Price Grilled Chicken
Selling price of a whole roasted chicken is around Rp 27,000 - Rp 30,000. While the grilled half chickens can you sell Rp 15,000 - Rp 16,000. For consumers who want to eat a piece of grilled chicken - thighs or breasts - with rice, sambal, and lalapannya in place can be charged Rp 7,000 - Rp 10,000 per portion.

Business Barriers
The impact of bird flu issue, glonggongan chicken, or chicken tiren the end - the end appears a little more effort to disrupt the continuity of your barbecued chicken. To address them, you can put up posters or banners that contains information that you made grilled chicken 100% free of bird flu and not use chicken or chicken glonggongan tiren. Although impressed trivial, as this information could improve consumer confidence in your business.

Business Analysis Grilled Chicken
1. 2 year lifetime cart
2. The lifetime of the grill 2 years
3. Lifetime cookware 2 years
4. The life span of the fan 2 years
5. Other equipment lifetime 2 years

Income per month
Sales grilled chicken:
60 servings x Rp 10,000 x 30 days = Rp 18,000,000

Sources: http://peluang-usaha-kuliner.blogspot.com/2012/02/usaha-ayam-bakar.html

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